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Six, Strong Reasons, To Choose The Crecca Law Firm:

To Be YOUR Albuquerque Personal Injury Attorney's

1. Options

2. Advantages

3. Personal

4. Legacy

5. Reputation

6. Effective

1. You want to choose an attorney that CAN go to trial if need be.

While it's true that most cases are settled out of court, you always want the option of going to court to get a fair resolution if that's what it takes.

Many Albuquerque Personal Injury Attorneys NEVER go to court! (How do you think that affects the settlements they receive for their clients?) Part of the research done by the opposing side is to look at who is representing you.

If they find that you've chosen an attorney that never goes to trial, they are going to push a lot harder for a lower settlement. I will try your case if that's what it takes to get you a fair result. That's what I will do.

(In fact, other law firms bring me in as part of their team when THEY need to go to trial.)
2. You can almost get an 'unfair advantage' when you choose my firm.

You see, I've spent years right here in Albuquerque working for large corporations and insurance companies as a part of their legal teams arguing against many Personal Injury Attorney's. This gives you a lawyer with a very unique perspective... I literally know how those other lawyers think!

This gives us both an edge when we're fighting for what's right. I know how they evaluate injury law cases, when they'll recommend a settlement, what they're afraid of and the things they won't budge on without a trial - This gives you a perspective and an advantage that most people just don't have!

Not only have I worked for the insurance companies and the corporations they insure, I have a success record as a Personal Injury Attorney representing my clients and protecting Albuquerque's local community. I know how to go into to court as your Personal Injury Attorney and fight for you and also fight for what’s right to make our lives, our children's lives and our community in Albuquerque safer.
3. You don't want a 'legal-factory-law-firm' working on your case- here's why:

Many Personal Injury Lawyers aren't much more than marketing machines. They spend literally millions of dollars advertising to get clients. (All you have to do is look at all the billboards around Albuquerque to see that.) But a firm that's good at marketing isn't necessarily good at law.

Many times, when the clients show up for their first visit, they are pressured into signing an agreement right then and there, and in many of these firms, each of the firm's Personal Injury Attorney's are responsible for 50 or even a 100 or more open cases at a time, and NO attorney can successfully focus on fifty to a hundred open cases at once!

I only take cases I personally believe in. I'm picky about it. I've got an incredible win-loss record right here in Albuquerque, and I really work each Personal Injury case I take. That's rare, but it's what people really want. It's what I would want if I were hiring  Personal Injury Attorney's to represent me, and I'm sure it's what you want as well.
4. I only take cases I can really 'get behind' and believe in.

If I take your case, it's because I believe in your cause, I see a 'wrong' that needs to be made right. Not only do my clients matter to me, it matters what kind of community we live in here in Albuquerque.

I take  personal injury cases not only because I want to help you put your life back together, I take it because I want to make Albuquerque a safer place for not just my children, but all children and all families in Albuquerque. I want wrongdoers to know that it’s not okay to hurt people – there will be consequences. I want them to know that they need to do things right, so that more people don’t get hurt or killed.

This is what I've chosen to do with my life, and I believe I'm leaving behind a legacy.
5. You want the BEST, and the Best don't have to advertise!

They don't have to! - I get my work largely from referrals from personal injury clients I've helped, and other lawyers who know I do excellent work. I don't need to spend millions on billboards and TV... and I don't have to get 'cheezy' or sleazy in order to get clients! My clients come to me because they know I will work hard for them, they know I will get them the best result possible and that I will do what it takes to make Albuquerque a safer place. Not just to protect them, but also to protect their children, their family and their friends.

Your case matters! 

You can send a message to wrongdoers and let them know it’s not okay to hurt people.  That’s what I’ll help you to do.

(Some local firms spend over two million on advertising a year! Who do you think ultimately pays for all that advertising anyway?)
6. Most importantly, My approach WORKS!

Who you choose to represent you, is the one of the most important things you have control over, that will largely determine the outcome of your case.

You'll get the personal attention your case deserves. I can give you the time and the focus your case needs. And you won't be paying for a team of lawyers either, only interested in billing you as much as they can. If I take your case, I will do it on contingency. If I can’t help you to right a wrong, make your life better and make our community a safer place to live, I won’t get paid. I will literally be on your team, fighting for you.

So make the best choice you can.

Choose someone who understands and believes in your cause. Call 505-819-3677 now and let's see if we're a good fit.

Why Your Choice Matters:

The Personal Injury Attorney's you choose to represent you, is the single biggest element in your control that will affect the outcome of your case.

For that reason, it's absolutely vital that you choose the right Personal Injury Attorney... that's why you can start by looking at the six biggest reasons the Albuquerque local's  just like you, choose The Crecca Law Firm every day!

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